Overseas Services

People who have been adopted in the UK but now live abroad are still able to access a service.  CMB has wide ranging and valuable experience of working with people in countries across the world who have reached a point where they want to find out more about, or to offer contact with, someone from their birth family.  We have worked with clients across the world including the USA, Australia, Africa and Europe.

If you don’t have your birth name you can apply to an international social services branch in the country in which you live to try to access your birth records. However CMB can offer you this service and then work with you directly to obtain your birth records, put you in touch with tracing services and to act as intermediary if you wish to try to make contact.  If you already know your birth name, we can provide you with all the services described on our website and work directly with you.


We do this in exactly the same way as if you lived in the UK, discussing your wishes by phone, email and Zoom.  We are based in the UK which facilitates access to relevant courts, agencies and contact with any found relatives.

We recognise that, no matter where you are in the world, you may experience the perfectly natural desire to know about your roots.  Doing this in a different language or with agencies that may not know the UK systems could make this important decision more difficult than it need be.  

We can help you at every step.

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