Intermediary Services

for Adopted Adults and Birth Relatives including Descendants of Adopted Adults

  • Advice on searching for birth relatives or adopted adults.
  • Intermediary Services where contact is being considered.
  • Expert Counselling for all issues relating to adoption.
  • Services for descendants of deceased adopted people.
  • On-going support during search and reunion.


You may be anxious about what you will find; you may be overwhelmed by the information you already have; you may have information already and just want to know what to do next or you may be excited and need help to move things on. In all these circumstances CMB can help.

It has long been recognised that using an Intermediary Service to offer contact with an adopted person or birth relative is much more likely to produce positive results than contacting them yourself


CMB is able to provide information, support and advice during this fragile process with both sensitivity and confidentiality.

We bring personal knowledge in addition to relevant counselling and social work qualifications and many years’ experience working with adopted adults and birth relatives who are seeking contact or searching for information.

We also offer ongoing support throughout any desired progress towards reunion and afterwards if requested. A counselling service is available where this would be helpful.

We can help you at every step.

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