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“Ofsted Outstanding Provider”  registration number 1234851

The following are excerpts from CMB’s recent Ofsted inspection report:

 The adoption supported provided is of a very high quality. Many  people who have used the service reported the work has changed  their lives for the better. ……A birth mother summed the feelings of  many up when she said, ‘it has changed my life, and I feel  complete.’

 Service users all commented that they would not hesitate to  recommend the provider to others; one said, ‘I have never come  across someone so helpful.’ And another gave CMB, ‘A plus all round.’

Of Carolynne Bull the report states:


She is totally committed to her work and continues where others  before her have given up.

 A person using the service stated that they felt she, ‘prepared me  very well, did the job very effectively; I am very, very happy.’

 One service user said she took, ‘everything at my speed, I felt so  comfortable with her.’

 Where there are disappointments she is exceptionally good at  supporting people through these. A service user stated ‘She is very  thoughtful, she supported me so much with my disappointment’ and  another that they had been, ‘Helped beyond my expectations.’